Sunday, January 4, 2009

"psy tsunami" paradigm shift

"psy tsunami" paradigm shift, the exponentialisation aka exponentialization of synchronous metaclarity responsiveness aptitude, paraculturally, aka as coordinated universal immortalizing intent. Post futile psychicality rationisationing denialitis canceled nullified, Mandatory Interneted Evolution of Preservacious Aptitude avalanching in psychical gestationality, lucidity [ZZZZZZZ row point]....evolution finally gets to the point, and its evidence is that ignorance is essentionally rendered into history because of attitude and aptitude refinement aerobics Angel Aerobics, thus keeping [KEY]-ping the "schedule". [sked jewel] subconscious group confusionalitis resolutioning. Fut the whuck finally gets answered. Group denialitis.

Borg Warmer, the Immortality Borg with compassion as psy preface

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